How to have your photo taken

My sister, Susie, is here for the weekend and I took her out for lunch to the Foodstory café on Thursday (best café in Aberdeen) but she refused to let me take a photo of her. Why don’t people like having their photos taken? I love having my photo taken and I’m so good at it, as you can see.


Since the best thing to do in Aberdeen is cycle on the Deeside cycleway to Newton Dee I decided to take Susie there today. She was keen and we managed to borrow a bike for her from beCyCle which she can use while she’s here.

I finally got a photo!


And Susie took some of us.



Have I ever showed you all the delicious cakes they have at Newton Dee?


Susie thoroughly enjoyed the ride and is planning to do it again before she leaves.

I’ve been doing some guerrilla gardening at the kids’ school. My efforts to transform the playground from an outdoor exercise area at a prison into a place for children to play failed miserably. The school eventually told me, “No, we want it to stay the way it is”. I was dismayed but decided instead to channel my energy into the little that I can do which is spruce up the pathetic garden. This morning I snuck in and planted an apple tree. It’s in a perfect south-facing spot against a granite wall and the tree is a small one which does well in pots. I also filled the bed with pea mulch to keep the weeds at bay.


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