Deeside cycleway and vegan chocolate

One of our favourite things to do is to cycle out to Newton Dee on the Deeside cycleway. It’s about 5 miles along an old train line and at Newton Dee there’s a nice cafe and grocery store.

It was a lovely ride on the shortest day of the year which is today but it was a sunny day. We cycled back at about 4pm and although the sun had already gone down it was still light and the colours were very pretty.


I know I always put photos of myself on my blog and psychologists would probably say this means I lack confidence or have mental health issues or something like that so I thought I’d post a crazy photo instead just to prove that I’m really sane. Seriously. I am perfectly normal 😉


Now that I’ve got that out the way here’s the normal one:


I particularly like the grocery store at Newton Dee because they have interesting things including lots of vegan foods. My absolute favourite is the vegan chocolate. Sometimes I’ll cycle out there just to buy it. On Saturday I bought 9 bars of the stuff and immediately ate two bars then and there. The only thing I find hard is having to share them with my family.

We cycled out again today and I’d have bought another 9 bars only there was only one left in the shop. This is the chocolate:


I have discovered I can buy this chocolate in boxes of 50 online but I’ve decided it would be a very bad idea for me to do this and have so far managed to restrain myself.

The chocolate is made with almond milk instead of cow’s milk. In some ways I think eating some animals – game for instance – is better ethically than consuming dairy products when it is intensively farmed. Cows are forced to produce a calf every 18 months or so and then we take their babies away from them in the first week after birth, sometimes the first day. The calves are a byproduct. The worst thing you can do to a mother is take her baby away from her and that’s what we do to cows.

Animals Australia have produced this good video about where diary products come from:

Here’s one from New Zealand [WARNING: this video may distress some viewers]:

Almond milk chocolate FTW!