The best birthday ever

A conversation at school this morning.

Elizabeth (to her friend): It’s my mum’s birthday today and she’s 41.
Elizabeth’s friend: Wow, my mum’s heaps younger than your mum but your mum looks heaps younger than my mum.

The best birthday present ever 🙂

I had a nice day today. I did one of my favourite things which was cycle to Newton Dee for chocolate.


This evening, much to Daniel’s disgust, we went out for dinner to the best Vegetarian café/restaurant in Aberdeen – The Foodstory Café.


I had vegan stuffed courgettes and it was amazing.


A funny birthday card:



11 responses to “The best birthday ever”

  1. A very Happy Birthday, Rachel!

    That’s indeed the best birthday gift that only you can present yourself, and I am glad you did. And thanks for inspiring me to present it myself.

    I miss you at the GM. I am having a blast (and overeating!).

  2. A lovely compliment indeed. Was it said in a Scottish accent? Are your kids acquiring an accent too? And happy belated birthday.

    • The kids are getting a very slight accent but nothing strong. I guess they listen to us everyday and we still have our Antipodean accents. Ben says I exaggerated the quote very slightly and that she didn’t say the second “heaps”. I think he’s just being picky 🙂

  3. Outta the mouths of babes, eh? 😉

    Happy birthday, glad you has a lovely one.

    PS I’m hankering after a new pair of DMs for my own birthday next month, thanks to you!

    • I ended up returned the DMs! But I’ve bought a replacement pair of boots which are due to arrive on Monday. I’ll blog about them when they arrive. I have high hopes!

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