A self-defence move and a cure for insomnia

Elizabeth shared this YouTube video about a lethal self-defence move with us. Please watch before reading the rest of this post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wr5Sa_R4GQ You've just been Rickrolled! Elizabeth likes to Rickroll us. If you don't know what Rickrolling is it's what I've just done to you: tricked you into watching the 1987 Rick Astley hit, "Never… Continue reading A self-defence move and a cure for insomnia

You have to murder to call it a burger

The Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach launched this satirical marketing video for the meat industry this week to highlight an upcoming EU parliament vote on whether to ban meat-related names for plant-based products. The marketing video starts at 2:47 so you'll have to fast-forward to then as the first part of the video is in Dutch… Continue reading You have to murder to call it a burger

Humour in adversity

One thing I will forever remember from this pandemic is our capacity for humour at a time of adversity. Every day brings new laugh-out-loud moments. The tweet below from the Scottish sports broadcaster, Andrew Cotter, commentating on the final suspenseful moments of his dogs struggling over a toy is superb. https://twitter.com/MrAndrewCotter/status/1248313303270596610 Boris Johnson is home… Continue reading Humour in adversity

When life is like a Monty Python sketch

I ordered some shoes online last¬†weekend and this evening at about 6:30pm a delivery driver from DPD turned up with the¬†box. However when I opened the door he was looking at his device - the thing you sign to accept the delivery -¬†with a concerned expression on his face and said, "Sorry, I‚Äôm not supposed… Continue reading When life is like a Monty Python sketch

John Oliver destroys Donald Trump

Donald Trump (aka Drumpf) is particularly unlikable and so it was very satisfying to watch John Oliver pull him to pieces. I've seen and read about his behaviour here in Scotland when he was building his golf course and it was shocking. It's hard to believe he could potentially become president of the United States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGc2nN9OguQ #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

This morning at 6am I had a job interview; at least I thought I did. My instructions were to be online at 5pm GMT on March 26th. I spent so much time checking and double-checking that 5pm GMT was indeed 6am New Zealand time that it didn't occur to me that 5pm on the 26th… Continue reading How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

A funny letter to DFAT

My aunt sent me this funny letter which was apparently sent to the Australian DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) office about a passport application. I have since discovered that there are British and American versions of this letter as well. I can't comment on the process in Britain or America but I can… Continue reading A funny letter to DFAT

Dental anxiety

I went to the dentist this morning. All was fine as it pretty much always is. But that doesn't stop me from freaking out. What is it about the dentist that does this? I blame the school dental nurses of my childhood with their set of torture tools and creepy schadenfreude.¬†The thing I hate the… Continue reading Dental anxiety