How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

This morning at 6am I had a job interview; at least I thought I did. My instructions were to be online at 5pm GMT on March 26th. I spent so much time checking and double-checking that 5pm GMT was indeed 6am New Zealand time that it didn’t occur to me that 5pm on the 26th of March in Greenwich is actually the 27th of March here in Auckland. So yes, I was a day early. This would have been fine had I not started a three-way conference chat with my interviewers who were both rather confused. The first lesson from Interviews 101 folks is be sure to get the date of your interview correct. This includes both the time and day.

But this is not my first embarrassing moment this week. There was another:

Ben, my husband, occasionally gets asked to be an examiner for PhD students located in Europe. This means that the oral exam is conducted via video conferencing using Skype and usually very late NZ time. This is exactly what was going on the other night when I awoke not long before midnight needing to use the toilet.

I knew there was going to be skyping that night and I could hear skyping when I stumbled out of bed and down the stairs wearing only a t-shirt; a short t-shirt; and nothing else. Usually Ben uses his laptop which faces a corner of the kitchen but not this time. This time he was using my computer which faces the stairs. Can you guess where I’m going with this? I vaguely remember saying “f*ck” and running back up the stairs mortified.

There I was, stood in my bedroom, desperate to use the toilet and wondering what to do. I briefly entertained the idea of using my water glass but although Australian, I’m not quite as “magnificently unconventional” as Lilly, the barmaid from Kalgoorlie. So I made myself decent, turned the stairwell light off and slunk down the stairs as inconspicuously as possible.

Needless to say, I was very cross when Ben eventually came to bed. Ben assures me that the student was too focussed to take any notice. I can only hope.