Saggy bits

I got this card for my birthday:


It’s funny! But would it be just as funny if it was the other way around? Say it was a woman whose shadow had two huge boobs and the guy’s saying “If only”. Would that be funny? I don’t think I’d find it funny but perhaps that’s because I don’t have anything much in that department. Not that I’m complaining about this, as I’m perfectly happy with what I’ve got. Small ones defy gravity and so I won’t ever be able to do this trick and I’m very thankful for that:


Sometimes I get Ben to proof-read my posts before I publish them. He’s very good at spotting spelling and grammar mistakes.

The other week I got him to read a post and he said, “I’m just an editor to you, with a penis attached, aren’t I?“. That is not true at all. He’s also good at chopping wood 🙂