You have to murder to call it a burger

The Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach launched this satirical marketing video for the meat industry this week to highlight an upcoming EU parliament vote on whether to ban meat-related names for plant-based products. The marketing video starts at 2:47 so you’ll have to fast-forward to then as the first part of the video is in Dutch (unless, of course, you speak Dutch).

10 thoughts on “You have to murder to call it a burger”

  1. Good parody 😊 Seeing as the plant-based meat industry will be the saving of the planet, banning it from using ‘meat words’ beggars belief. But that’s what having power and money can do for you. It will be interesting to hear of the outcome, because many of the words used by the animal-meat industry aren’t exclusive to it, but have been appropriated by it due to their common usage in marketing and advertising.

    1. I really hope common sense prevails and they don’t ban meat-related words. We already can’t use the word “milk” on plant-blased milk products which is ridiculous. Coconut cream doesn’t contain any cream and peanut butter doesn’t contain any butter yet they still contain the words “cream” and “butter”.

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