The things my children say

I have never spent a night away from my children. Not a single one. Now that I’ve got this flashy new job I will occasionally take trips away and the first one is next month. I’m going to Hawaii!

We told the children over dinner that I will be going to Hawaii for a week and that Daddy will look after them. Elizabeth responded with, “Daddy and who else?”. Daniel asked me, “Will you wear a grass dress with no underpants?”. Then he added, “What happens if someone asks you to marry them?”.

We finished dinner and discovered we’d run out of the usual desserts – ice blocks – so I suggested porridge with maple syrup as an alternative dessert to Daniel. He looked suspicious and asked, “Is porridge healthy?”. I said, “Not when it’s got lots of maple syrup on it”. He seemed satisfied with that answer and had porridge for dessert 🙂


  1. I was quite shocked when my twin nephews, who were age 7 seven at the time, asked “Tell us about the old days Uncle”. My first thought was #%$& hell I’m not tha old, being but 53 at the time. My second thought was the little blighters wer trying to surpress a grin. They got away with a pretent clip round the ear and ran away giggling. Other comments have included “oooh, isn’t kitchen small” (in the house of a complete stranger) . Amongst expoits, at the age of 8, selling their Xbox and buying a PS2 without anybody knowing.

    What fun you will have 😀 😀

      1. It was some years ago now but I think they did a deal locally. I won’t tell you what they tried to do with a secret webcam. They are very good hearted lads but a vibrant sense of humour.. They make me laugh. 😀

  2. Your first sentence — I wish I could say that. But I was not as wise in my youth as you are in yours. Of course I don’t know how old yours are, and I guess I could have said that until mine were 10-12. Still, looks like you’re doing things right.

  3. Love this Rachel. I was just like you, I never left my children either. Hawaii…always wanted to go but never did despite living in California for so long…crazy isn’t it? Out of the mouths of babes…So…will you be wearing a grass dress with no underpants??? 😉

  4. Its funny the first time they swear. I was teaching my son to play Magic The Gathering when I summoned this;

    Its big its huge, and it will eat you in 3 turns flat.

    My son took one look at the critter, then me, then picked up the card and read the description, then he said, “Oh f*ck!” “What did you say young man?” “Nothing.” “Good. Now concentrate on how you can deal with it.”

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