A self-defence move and a cure for insomnia

Elizabeth shared this YouTube video about a lethal self-defence move with us. Please watch before reading the rest of this post.

You’ve just been Rickrolled! Elizabeth likes to Rickroll us. If you don’t know what Rickrolling is it’s what I’ve just done to you: tricked you into watching the 1987 Rick Astley hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Rickrolling has been a thing since 2006. In 2008 Rick Astley performed in his own Rickroll on the Cartoon Network float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Yesterday Elizabeth sent me a YouTube video called “Cute Little Puppy Doing Cute Little Things”. There were no puppies in it of course. It was Rick Astley. She’s even memorised the URL for the official Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” video so she knows whether it’s a trick when someone sends it. I think she and her friends have been pranking each other.

It’s astonishing that Rickrolling has persisted for so long and become so widespread that even the new generations are doing it. I think this means it’s here for good.

Yesterday Ben accidentally made me a coffee with caffeine. I gave up caffeine 2.5 years ago on our trip to Glenlivet. Now I drink only decaf and it has been the best thing I ever did. All my life I have struggled with insomnia. It started when I was a teenager, probably when I began drinking tea and coffee. I’d be up all night, upset and crying, exhausted but unable to fall asleep. About five years ago I asked a doctor about it and she suggested I restrict my tea intake to the morning only; avoid caffeine after midday. I noticed an immediate improvement. I decided to take it further and switch to decaf. I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. I can still drink tea and coffee, indeed I no longer have to restrict it to the morning. I just have decaf … until yesterday.

I should have known when I tasted the coffee Ben made that it was different but I thought he just didn’t put enough milk in it. I like it quite milky. I was also in a meeting at the time and not really paying attention. For the rest of the day I was bouncing off the walls. I was in a supercharged mode which actually felt pretty good but last night I couldn’t get to sleep. My old friend insomnia came back. I was up until at least 2am and even when I did fall asleep it wasn’t deep. I kept waking up and got out of bed at 6am so I feel pretty crap today.

This has confirmed to me what a potent drug caffeine is and if you’re suffering from insomnia it’s worth trying decaf for a month or so. But be warned, when I first switched to decaf I suffered withdrawal symptoms and had a headache for two weeks. It eventually went away and since then I’ve never slept as well as I do now – until last night that is. I fall asleep quickly and I sleep deeply, waking up feeling rested and refreshed. I wish someone had suggested this to me when I was a teenager which is why I’m sharing it now.

5 thoughts on “A self-defence move and a cure for insomnia”

  1. I find that it’s best for me not to drink caffeinated coffee after midday(ish) too. Did Ben get a bollocking for his mistake? πŸ™‚

  2. I was naughty, for I didn’t click the vid and kept reading, for I was reluctant to click on something with the word lethal. Good for me, for then I didn’t get Rick Rolled. As for coffee, I need it in the morning (sounds like I’m addicted with the word “need”).

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