Snow and ice

It snowed a bit late last night and then today the temperature didn’t go above 1°C so the snow froze on the roads and pavements creating a a bit of an ice-skating rink. I wasn’t sure whether to cycle the kids to school but I did and it was absolutely fine. In fact, I think it might have been a bit safer on bicycle than on foot. Am I supposed to have winter tyres on my bicycle? Here’s the pavement:


This is very new for me because although I lived in Christchurch for a number of years, the most we ever got was a bit of frost in the morning. And the day Brisbane gets snow on the pavement will be the day I vote for Tony Abbott. I saw some cars skidding on the road today too. Driving a car in snow and ice terrifies me so it’s very good we don’t own one. But for some reason I feel very safe on my bicycle. I don’t like the feeling that I’m not in control – which probably explains my fear of earthquakes – and cars skidding out of control, especially near a cliff, is terrifying to me. However a bicycle that skids you can just tip over and essentially stop the skidding. You might end up with a few bruises but nothing serious. This is the case for me anyway as I don’t go very fast. More worrying is that I might crash into a parked Audi and take the paint off and then be hit with a large repair bill. I should get third-party insurance for my bike. Is that even possible?

Daniel said some funny things on the weekend:

Daniel: I’m hungry.
Ben: Have a muffin.
Daniel: No, I want something yummy like fruit.

We do usually have fruit but it was our shopping day and we’d run out.

And then later Daniel was being told off for not tidying the living room and his reply was:

Daniel: I was being nice to Elizabeth because she likes tidying.

Yeah, right.

20 responses to “Snow and ice”

  1. SUV, eh?

    Saw a tweet from BBC that the temperature in Scotland dropped to -12 degrees C.

    Don’t delay getting third party insurance. At least talk to insures about options for bikes. I am sure they will have a product and I think this topic can be your future blog post 🙂

    Kids and their amazing thoughts! Seems your parenting efforts started paying off when Daniel opted for fruit over muffin 🙂

    Your header image is cool. I wonder why this theme has greenish bar at the top that appears on scroll. Perhaps you can apply some custom CSS and make it grayish. Just a suggestion.

    • I played around with the colour palettes for this theme and it chose the green. I could change it but I quite like the green and I also like how the menu floats at the top when you scroll down. Not that the menu on my site is particularly important.

      Daniel loves apples but this has nothing to do with me. He has been known to eat 6 of them in one day. We go through lots of apples!

      I don’t think it dropped to -12 here. There isn’t much variation between night and day at the moment.

  2. you can get third party insurance for bikes; most people have cover through joining the cyclists touring club (leisurely and social) or british cycling (sporty and competitive) – they can throw in third party insurance with the other membership stuff because the risk of a claim is almost zero. I did see a stat in fact there are more uninsured car drivers (well over a million despite it being a legal requirement) than regular cyclists (although no legal requirement and very unlikely to need it) in the UK

    • I just signed up for the family membership with CTC so I’m good now, thanks. Hopefully I’ll never need to use it but it’s good to have for peace of mind and I’m happy to be supporting a charity at the same time.

  3. The biggest fear would be somebody running out of control into you. 😦 There have been some major accidents in the north of US lately. Glad I live in south.

  4. We seem to be OK at the coast, forecast for -3° down here in east central Scotland tonight, very low temperatures are in the highland valleys when the cold air sinks down from the mountains, often the temperature is higher on the tops (called an inversion). Take care on them roads but given that is great to be out.

  5. That footpath looks scary. I’d want to be wearing shoes with spikes.

    Glad you’ve found an insurer so quickly.

    That’s great that Daniel would prefer fruit to a muffin. And what a kind brother he is to save the tidying for his little sister! Is it true that Elizabeth likes tidying? 🙂

    Love your blog’s new look.

    • Elizabeth says she likes tidying but this doesn’t always hold true in reality as she’ll often protest when we ask her to tidy up.

      I’m glad you like the new look. I changed themes again. I’m liking this one so far.

  6. It snowed here today and everyone was so surprised. It even made it onto Radio 4 this morning – “We have reports coming in that there is snow in Sussex!” – because it’s so odd for us to be snowing when everyone else is dry.
    I am terrified of slipping on ice in any form, car, foot, bike. Glad the bike journey worked out for you!

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