Snow and ice

It snowed a bit late last night and then today the temperature didn’t go above 1°C so the snow froze on the roads and pavements creating a a bit of an ice-skating rink. I wasn’t sure whether to cycle the kids to school but I did and it was absolutely fine. In fact, I think it might have been a bit safer on bicycle than on foot. Am I supposed to have winter tyres on my bicycle? Here’s the pavement:


This is very new for me because although I lived in Christchurch for a number of years, the most we ever got was a bit of frost in the morning. And the day Brisbane gets snow on the pavement will be the day I vote for Tony Abbott. I saw some cars skidding on the road today too. Driving a car in snow and ice terrifies me so it’s very good we don’t own one. But for some reason I feel very safe on my bicycle. I don’t like the feeling that I’m not in control – which probably explains my fear of earthquakes – and cars skidding out of control, especially near a cliff, is terrifying to me. However a bicycle that skids you can just tip over and essentially stop the skidding. You might end up with a few bruises but nothing serious. This is the case for me anyway as I don’t go very fast. More worrying is that I might crash into a parked Audi and take the paint off and then be hit with a large repair bill. I should get third-party insurance for my bike. Is that even possible?

Daniel said some funny things on the weekend:

Daniel: I’m hungry.
Ben: Have a muffin.
Daniel: No, I want something yummy like fruit.

We do usually have fruit but it was our shopping day and we’d run out.

And then later Daniel was being told off for not tidying the living room and his reply was:

Daniel: I was being nice to Elizabeth because she likes tidying.

Yeah, right.