Who is Christopher Monckton?

I was wrong about Christopher Monckton. For some time now, I’ve thought he was the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (whatever that means), but it turns out that he’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest creation, uncovered by Australian comedian, Craig Reucassel. Thanks to Sou at HotWhopper for pointing this out.


  1. Since you are living in a kingdom which you so obviously enjoy, you are bound to encounter a few peers of the realm. Unlike France, the aristocracy wasn’t decapitated, nor we’re they banished to far flung places such as New Zealand and Australia. The first Lord Monckton was Edward V111’s legal advisor at the time of his abdication, a role admirably played by Sir Nigel Hawthorne in Edward and Mrs Simpson. It’s easy to sneer……

  2. Trying to be funny is the only way that Craig Reucassel can compete with Lord Monckton’s intellect, Mike, and by working for a subsidized network such as the ABC, of course.

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