Humour in adversity

One thing I will forever remember from this pandemic is our capacity for humour at a time of adversity. Every day brings new laugh-out-loud moments. The tweet below from the Scottish sports broadcaster, Andrew Cotter, commentating on the final suspenseful moments of his dogs struggling over a toy is superb.

Boris Johnson is home from the hospital yesterday and videoed himself giving this speech.

Whatever your opinion of Boris Johnson he’s a top orator. It was particularly nice to hear the shoutout to two nurses: Jenny from New Zealand and Luis from Portugal. That makes it more personal and heartfelt. I’m not sure who else listens to the daily press briefings but I’m getting pretty fed up with Matt Hancock and Dominic Raab. On Saturday it was Priti Patel and that was a disaster. She was asked whether the government is going to apologise to health workers for the lack of PPE (personal protective equipment) and her response was, “I’m sorry people feel there have been failings …” which is basically saying I’m sorry you think that because it’s making things difficult for us. But this has prompted lots of funny responses on Twitter. This one is my favourite.

Why can’t they just say sorry? “Yes, we stuffed up and I’m sorry. We weren’t prepared for this and now we’re struggling to catch up. We should have prepared years ago with stockpiles of PPE and we should have developed local diagnostics that could scale up quickly. There’s going to be a full review when this is all over and right now we’re giving 110% to sort these problems out.” I think people would be more understanding if they accepted responsibility for these failings.