Naked cycling

Let’s see whether this title generates more traffic than my bikini photo did. The Automobile Association of Britain has launched a campaign on cycling safety and they’ve produced this video clip of a naked cyclist. It’s very good.

Coincidentally, my 7 year old has been asking questions about nudity this morning. He said, “When did people decide being naked was bad?”. I replied that it’s not bad, it’s just that in many places that people live we’d be cold if we didn’t wear clothes and also that our society expects us to wear clothes.

20 Replies to “Naked cycling”

  1. maybe it’s just me being picky but if people don’t look in their mirror then is the mirror the best place to put a sticker reminding them to look in the mirror? It’s like writing ‘check your oil’ on the dipstick.

      1. or make it compulsory for all drivetime radio DJs to shout ‘WHHOOA LOOK OUT!’ at random points in the show to keep people alert

      2. That wouldn’t help those people who listen to their own music when they drive. Maybe cardboard cutouts of naked cyclists on the side of the road?

    1. I know it might seem like the case, but I’m not really trying to increase my stats. I was merely curious. But “Free” is a good suggestion.

  2. Not seen this message over here Rachel but it’s very clever, as is your son’s searching question 🙂

    1. Thanks, you’ve just answered my question to Denise. I guess it’s just being covered by media then. I think it was filmed in London.

      1. I did not manage more than a couple of hours. 😦

        It is also not sufficient to ask your kids how they would respond, they also have to pull it through, find the right strategies and manage not to eat the marshmallow.

      2. Victor,

        Now you’re tempting me to continue with my experiment of provocative blog titles. I wonder what I’ll post next?

        You’re right about the marshmallow experiment so I’m trying it right now. I’ve just given my 4 year old a chocolate fish and told her that she can either eat it now or wait 15 minutes and get a second one. So far she is waiting.

      3. Ok, so my four year old passes the test. She waited 15 minutes – although there was a bit of nagging towards the end asking whether the time was up yet – but she did not touch it until then and so I gave her a second one.

      4. You’re a night owl, Victor! It must be in the early hours of the morning in your part of the world.

    1. You’re not the only night owl. People make comments on AndThen’s blog at every hour of the day.

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