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  • Chunky crochet hat

    Chunky crochet hat

    I got given some very chunky yarn for my birthday. I’ve always struggled to convert a chunky yarn into a hat but I keep trying because I love a chunky yarn and it’s so quick to work with. One of my previous attempts gave me a Marge Simpson hairdo. ( This time I think it […]

  • Comfy socks on a deserted island

    Comfy socks on a deserted island

    I’ve gone sock crazy! I’ve just finished making a pair of socks (these are definitely not made in China!) and they’re so luxurious I had problems finding something to wear with them. Last weekend I discovered the magnificent yarn of J.C Rennie, one of Scotland’s last woollen mills. There’s something about a beautiful yarn that […]

  • Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    I’ve been a little quiet recently which does not mean I haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve just been busy. All my spare time lately has been spent crocheting. I’ve become obsessed with socks and have made so many now and even designed my own pattern for crochet socks which I’ve put up for […]

  • I made socks

    I made socks

    Ben bought me some sock yarn which he got in Germany on a work trip over a year ago. I only just got around to turning them into socks, but sadly, I ran out of yarn. I made them from the top down so I couldn’t make them shorter without unravelling the whole lot. In […]

  • The mighty huntress

    The mighty huntress

    I have just finished this rather wonderful crochet head of a stag. All he needs now is a name. I got the pattern from a fantastic book called Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie. All the patterns look terrific and I fully intend to make more of them. I have never understood why people kill animals […]

  • A crochet hat

    A crochet hat

    Our recent glamping holiday on a luxury bus was on an alpaca farm (pics here and here). I bought a couple of balls of the lovely yarn from the Bankrugg Boys and made myself a hat over the weekend. My hat: The yarn is a lovely natural colour and I’m so happy with how the it turned out. It’s much better […]

  • When crochet goes wrong

    When crochet goes wrong

    Not all the things I crochet are a success. In fact most of the things I make are dismal flops like the hat I just made which looks more like a Marge Simpson hairdo than a slouch beanie. I won’t be going anywhere in this.

  • Crochet Merida

    Crochet Merida

    I’ve been working on this doll for Elizabeth for a very long time now and finally finished it … almost. I just need to make something for Merida to put her arrows (toothpicks) in. I didn’t use a pattern. I just made it up and used yarn that I already had in my stash. Why I […]

  • How to crochet a jumper without a pattern

    How to crochet a jumper without a pattern

    I don’t really like reading manuals or following recipes. I prefer to stick my hands in the mud and get dirty without having to follow a cookbook. One of the nice things about crochet is you can make a jumper in rounds and measure it on the body as you go. I recently completed a jumper for […]

  • Auckland, Minecraft, and dolphins

    Auckland, Minecraft, and dolphins

    I never thought I’d be so pleased to see Auckland but I was very happy when my plane landed here yesterday. I had a really great time in Hawaii but Elizabeth struggled while I was away and so I struggled as a result. Daniel was fine though. He thinks my new job is wonderful because […]

  • Crocheted angry bird on drugs

    Crocheted angry bird on drugs

    Daniel, who is 6 years old, has become obsessed with angry birds. He has started asking me for angry bird toys so I did what any self-respecting mother would do, I made him one. 🙂 Unfortunately the bird’s pupils are disproportionately large, hence the title for my post. This bird is high on cocaine.

  • Crochet jumper for Elizabeth

    Crochet jumper for Elizabeth

    I recently crocheted a jumper for Elizabeth. It was quick, easy and very cheap to make with the wool costing less than $10. Here she is modelling it: Although we are almost mid-autumn here, it is still T-shirt weather, so it may be awhile before she gets to wear it.

  • Bare feet are for cavemen

    Bare feet are for cavemen

    I’ve noticed a change in the weather this week. The nights have become cooler and suddenly, I’m sleeping really well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I can wear jeans again and I love jeans. I could live permanently in jeans. The best thing though, is that I can wear my socks and slippers once more. […]

  • I crochet, therefore I am

    I crochet, therefore I am

    I taught myself to crochet just after Daniel was born, almost 6 years ago now. I have been crocheting ever since. As long as I have hook, yarn and hands to work them with, I will crochet until I die. My yarn stash has grown over the years and is kept in much the same […]

  • Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    I have just created my first ever crochet pattern. It’s just for one size, small, but can easily be adjusted to fit larger bodies. It’s quick and easy to crochet and soft and comfy to wear. I reckon it looks pretty good too. Here, below, is my pattern, free to all. Hook size: 8mm Yarn: […]

  • Crafty day

    It has been a delightful day of crafts for me. Elizabeth and Daniel have been invited to a birthday party next weekend and I’ve heard, from a good source, that the birthday girl is very interested in Mermaids. So I went to the fabric store and bought the fishiest-looking fabric I could find and made […]

  • The evolving rug and conversations with Daniel

    My rug is growing. It now has some colour and I like it.  I almost wish I hadn’t used the cream-coloured sheets at all because I can see it’s not such a practical colour for a rug. Still, I can throw it in the washing machine which is the main thing. So far it consists […]

  • Crochet rag rug

    Elizabeth peed on our living room rug twice this week. In frustration, I removed the rug from the floor and put it in the spare bedroom and began wishing for a machine-washable replacement. Then I remembered seeing crochet rag-rugs online and decided to try making one myself. I began by cutting up some old sheets […]

  • Crazy about crochet

    A second crochet Barbie dress. This is the Marilyn Monroe outfit: Someone suggested I make a tea cosy. Here ’tis: How much should I sell it for?