The evolving rug and conversations with Daniel

My rug is growing. It now has some colour and I like it.  I almost wish I hadn’t used the cream-coloured sheets at all because I can see it’s not such a practical colour for a rug. Still, I can throw it in the washing machine which is the main thing. So far it consists of: a queen size fitted sheet, a queen size flat sheet, a queen size doona cover and a single fitted sheet. 

I went into Daniel’s school for half an hour this week to help out with an activity. He was so excited and I must admit I was looking forward to it also. When I arrived, he ran over to me and said in his serious tone:  “Now Mummy, you have to be nice to all the children and help them.” Damn it. I was hoping to be mean and nasty.

The other day we were walking past a preschool and Daniel asked me what it was. I told him it was like his kindy and he suggested we send Elizabeth there. I replied, “But if you’re at school and Elizabeth’s at kindy, what will I do with myself?”. He said, “You can sit down and have a cup of tea and have someone over.” What a sweet boy.


4 responses to “The evolving rug and conversations with Daniel”

  1. Daniel *is* a sweet boy and unwittingly funny as well. Love your rug. At least I know where to send my old sheets! You are so creative and practical B:)

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