Crafty day

It has been a delightful day of crafts for me. Elizabeth and Daniel have been invited to a birthday party next weekend and I’ve heard, from a good source, that the birthday girl is very interested in Mermaids. So I went to the fabric store and bought the fishiest-looking fabric I could find and made a Mermaid costume. Here’s Elizabeth modelling it:

It really needs a bikini top to finish it off. Not sure I have the time this week for that though.

Daniel then requested I make him a “swid” (squid) which I duly made. It is somewhat phallic-looking which is quite appropriate because Daniel’s favourite phrase at the moment is “fat penis”.


2 responses to “Crafty day”

  1. Hi Rachel. Always impressed with your handiwork. the 'swid' does indeed look like a fat penis:) by the way, have you ever thought of amigurumi toys? Here's a link to some pictures of these cute little things. the link doesn't work, just do a search for amigurumi. B

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