Crochet rag rug

Elizabeth peed on our living room rug twice this week. In frustration, I removed the rug from the floor and put it in the spare bedroom and began wishing for a machine-washable replacement. Then I remembered seeing crochet rag-rugs online and decided to try making one myself.

I began by cutting up some old sheets into strips.

I got fed up with cutting very quickly and my hand began to ache so I resorting to just ripping and it worked just as well but was twice as fast and easier on my hands.

I ripped up a queen flat sheet and fitted sheet (we no longer have a queen bed so they never get used) and have crocheted up a small circle:

This is all I got for two huge sheets! I was hoping for something bigger so now I’m going to have to add a different color since those two sheets were one of a kind. But I like the look of it, it’s 100% cotton and easily washable and still nice and soft to sit on. Plus it didn’t cost a cent. I’ll continue to add to it until it’s about three times this size.

Elizabeth is presently having a nap on the sofa with Freud. They look very cute together. Earlier today, she wandered into the spare bedroom and pissed on our rug. Again.


5 responses to “Crochet rag rug”

  1. I guess she's two and gets busy playing and then forgets to go to the toilet. I should really take her every hour or so but I too get busy playing and forget….

  2. Very creative, Rachel! I have the same problem with one of my cats, especially in wet weather. She is one pee away from being stuffed! My lovely Persian rugs are at the end of their tether.At least Elizabeth will grow out of it.

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