Crochet rag rug

Elizabeth peed on our living room rug twice this week. In frustration, I removed the rug from the floor and put it in the spare bedroom and began wishing for a machine-washable replacement. Then I remembered seeing crochet rag-rugs online and decided to try making one myself.

I began by cutting up some old sheets into strips.

I got fed up with cutting very quickly and my hand began to ache so I resorting to just ripping and it worked just as well but was twice as fast and easier on my hands.

I ripped up a queen flat sheet and fitted sheet (we no longer have a queen bed so they never get used) and have crocheted up a small circle:

This is all I got for two huge sheets! I was hoping for something bigger so now I’m going to have to add a different color since those two sheets were one of a kind. But I like the look of it, it’s 100% cotton and easily washable and still nice and soft to sit on. Plus it didn’t cost a cent. I’ll continue to add to it until it’s about three times this size.

Elizabeth is presently having a nap on the sofa with Freud. They look very cute together. Earlier today, she wandered into the spare bedroom and pissed on our rug. Again.