Crochet Enderman

Auckland, Minecraft, and dolphins

I never thought I’d be so pleased to see Auckland but I was very happy when my plane landed here yesterday. I had a really great time in Hawaii but Elizabeth struggled while I was away and so I struggled as a result. Daniel was fine though. He thinks my new job is wonderful because I got a new computer and now he has the old one which he uses to play Minecraft.

Elizabeth was very happy to see me. I can’t think why because I’m really not that great a mum. I’m just average. She looks a bit reproachful in this photo, like she’s thinking, “How dare you leave me”.


In addition to the grass skirt, I bought her this:


I crocheted an Enderman for Daniel on the plane. He takes it to bed every night.


My last day in Hawaii was lovely. We went out on a boat and saw some dolphins. I would have liked to jump in and swim with them. Maybe one day …



14 thoughts on “Auckland, Minecraft, and dolphins”

  1. But Elizabeth thinks you are the best mum 😉

    Seriously though I’m glad you managed to get away. Someone else on a blog mentioned what a great company Automattic is and I said Yeah, I know someone who is a Happiness Engineer and they were kinda Wow!

  2. Ahh..your little girl needed her mummy and you are the best mummy in the world to her! Glad it all went well though on the whole. Beautiful pics 🙂

  3. I doubt that she will let you out of her sight for the next few days, just in case you decide to sneak away again!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I think Elizabeth might be thinking “how dare you photograph me ~ and my mum”.

    I know what you mean about dolphins. They make the water look very inviting. Dougals Adams wrote something like ~ We think we are more intelligent than the dolphins because all they do is eat fish and play in the sea all day. They know they are more intelligent than us for exactly the same reasons. 😀

    1. That’s a good quote. The water was very warm and it did look inviting but I just really want to swim with dolphins. I’ve never done it before and so this is something I’d love to do.

  5. So glad you had a fun trip, I was only 5 when we lived there but I have such happy memories from that time.

    You’re wearing your amazing crocheted boots, I have to say that the ones you made me have saved my life this Victorian winter. I took a photo of them yesterday to send you but I realised I don’t have your number since I lost my old phone. You will have to text me so I have it again!

    Glad you are back home with your munchkins! xxx

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