Auckland, Minecraft, and dolphins

I never thought I’d be so pleased to see Auckland but I was very happy when my plane landed here yesterday. I had a really great time in Hawaii but Elizabeth struggled while I was away and so I struggled as a result. Daniel was fine though. He thinks my new job is wonderful because I got a new computer and now he has the old one which he uses to play Minecraft.

Elizabeth was very happy to see me. I can’t think why because I’m really not that great a mum. I’m just average. She looks a bit reproachful in this photo, like she’s thinking, “How dare you leave me”.


In addition to the grass skirt, I bought her this:


I crocheted an Enderman for Daniel on the plane. He takes it to bed every night.


My last day in Hawaii was lovely. We went out on a boat and saw some dolphins. I would have liked to jump in and swim with them. Maybe one day …