Comfy socks on a deserted island

I’ve gone sock crazy! I’ve just finished making a pair of socks (these are definitely not made in China!) and they’re so luxurious I had problems finding something to wear with them.


Last weekend I discovered the magnificent yarn of J.C Rennie, one of Scotland’s last woollen mills. There’s something about a beautiful yarn that excites my imagination. When I hold it in my hands I dream about all the wonderful things that could be made with it.


This yarn has been transformed into the most wonderful pair of socks.



Elizabeth is always imagining “what if?” scenarios. What if a genie appeared and granted you three wishes, what would they be? If you were stuck on a deserted island and could have five items, what would they be? This morning on the way to school she relayed her five items to Ben. They are:

1) A water filter.  With instruction manual.
2) An internet tower: tall enough to pick up the wifi from home.
3) A large jar of food.
4) A solar-powered helicopter.  The internet tower can be stuck to the top of the helicopter, so that the helicopter has access to Google Maps when she’s flying in it.
5) A blow-up dinghy, in case something goes wrong with the helicopter (or the weather turns cloudy).  Plus an instruction manual.

I think I’d just want a comfy pair of socks. With an instruction manual of course.

My crochet sock pattern is available on Etsy.