The mighty huntress

I have just finished this rather wonderful crochet head of a stag. All he needs now is a name.



I got the pattern from a fantastic book called Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie. All the patterns look terrific and I fully intend to make more of them.

I have never understood why people kill animals for entertainment and then smile while holding a severed body part in front of the camera. It doesn’t require much talent to kill a beast but it did require talent to design this pattern. Vanessa Mooncie is a talented artisan and no animals were harmed in the making of this art.

14 responses to “The mighty huntress”

  1. Rachel,
    You may not believe this but there is a pet name generator for animals.
    I tried it for deer ( male) and here is the selection-
    Not so much, Huh?

    1. There are some very good names in your list but we decided on Wishart last night not long after I posted this. His name is Wishart 🙂

  2. I have to show this to my other half – she’s made quite a few crochet things (among them an awesome amigurumi monkey for me). Looks awesome!

  3. Woah!! Vanessa M is married to our clerk to governors at work! Didn’t know she did this particular kind of art, just that they are both artists.

    1. Wow! She is amazing. A very talented woman. Her patterns are all wonderful and the detailing, especially around the eyes, is superb. She’s published some other crochet books that look just as good that I’m tempted to get.

  4. Great stuff it is too. Wonderful piece of crafting by you.

  5. […] just finished, Rambo, the latest addition to our household. He’ll be proudly joining Wishart on one of our […]

  6. How cool! I do love it

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