Image of bad crochet hat

When crochet goes wrong

Not all the things I crochet are a success. In fact most of the things I make are dismal flops like the hat I just made which looks more like a Marge Simpson hairdo than a slouch beanie. I won’t be going anywhere in this.


13 thoughts on “When crochet goes wrong”

  1. I’m amazed that a knitted object can do that, as wool is usually floppy. You must have been so surprised when it turned out like that. It seems to have given Daniel a good laugh, although maybe it’s actually an expression of horror?

    1. Crochet can create fabrics that are much less flexible although I could have made this less rigid by choosing a larger hook or different yarn. It’s a bit of a disaster!

  2. You could turn it into a drawstring bag just by running a couple of handles around the mouth. I hate when things don’t turn out the way I pictured, but then again, we have to make mistakes in order to learn.

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