Bare feet are for cavemen

I’ve noticed a change in the weather this week. The nights have become cooler and suddenly, I’m sleeping really well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I can wear jeans again and I love jeans. I could live permanently in jeans. The best thing though, is that I can wear my socks and slippers once more.

I am anal about clean feet. I dislike walking on bare floorboards with bare feet and feeling bits of stuff on my soles and when you live with a dog and two small children, there is always stuff on the floor. No matter how often you vacuum and mop.

Sandals are very pretty and good for keeping your feet cool, but they get bits in them so easily. Recently I was walking Daniel to school and somehow managed to get a layer of drought-powdered dirt between my foot and sandal-sole. It was hell. I love socks and shoes and boots. I suppose I could do it the German way and wear socks with sandals but it has been too hot for that.

I love wearing my slippers around the house. It’s miles nicer than walking barefoot. Especially when you’ve got a cool pair of home-made slippers to wear: