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  • Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Another weekend disappears. Daniel told me last week that he didn’t want to go anywhere for the next couple of weekends as he’s studying for exams. He’s so studious but then I was the same. He’s taller than me now by nearly 2cm. We measured today. That happened very quickly. He’s shooting up at a […]

  • Jumper, cat, and comedy

    Jumper, cat, and comedy

    I made another jumper. It’s a bit too warm and thick to wear right now so I’ll have to wait until winter. But I love it! Last night I put some cat food out for the fox and set up my wildlife cam to get some pics. Here’s the “fox” eating the cat food. I […]

  • Some crochet garments

    Some crochet garments

    I accidentally sprayed my armpit with peppermint oil this morning. Don’t do it: it stings! I thought it was deodorant as the bottles are the same. We bought some peppermint oil recently and put it in a glass spray bottle to spray as air freshener after the fire. It did a good job of hiding […]

  • Busy weekends, crochet, step stools, greenhouse, and war

    Busy weekends, crochet, step stools, greenhouse, and war

    What a busy weekend this has been. I went into hyperdrive on Saturday and accomplished a huge number of jobs which felt good. I started the day packaging things for the post office and writing a letter. Then I dropped some used carbon dioxide cylinders off at the corner store to return to the manufacturer […]

  • The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

    Elizabeth did her highland dance exam today and she thinks it went well but she won’t get her results for at least a few weeks. She got highly commended in the national exam she did last year. Thankfully the socks arrived in time along with the kilt which we sent off to have the hem […]

  • Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

    Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

    I crocheted myself a pair of bathers. I’m not sure whether I’ll wear them in public. The colour matches my skin a bit too closely and makes it look like I’m wearing nothing. It was fun to make though. Yesterday I picked some redcurrants and stewed them up to make jam. I used water, redcurrants, […]

  • A new crochet jumper

    A new crochet jumper

    I made myself a jumper. The diagonal lines are deliberate; it wasn’t me stuffing up ūüôā I got the pattern on Etsy and it’s quite an easy one to follow and a relatively quick project. The daffodils are starting to flower here. Apparently Aberdeen has 11 million daffodils and I can believe it. They’re everywhere. […]

  • Chunky crochet hat

    Chunky crochet hat

    I got given some very chunky yarn for my birthday. I’ve always struggled to convert a chunky yarn into a hat but I keep trying because I love a chunky yarn and it’s so quick to work with. One of my previous attempts gave me a Marge Simpson hairdo. (https://rachel.blog/2017/02/13/when-crochet-goes-wrong/) This time I think it […]

  • Purple cardigan

    Purple cardigan

    A British mathematican at Imperial College London has won a mathematics prize worth ¬£2.3 million. I had no idea there was this much money in maths. I’ve told Ben he needs to start proving more theorems. Covid-19 is on the rise again in the UK which means we need to be more careful than ever […]

  • Swimming in the Dee

    Swimming in the Dee

    I’ve been a bit grumpy this past week because sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against me. Earlier in the year I planted lots of sweet pea seeds. Only one of them germinated and when it had grown to about 10cm tall I planted it at the base of the tree on the […]

  • Crochet, cat, and toasters

    Crochet, cat, and toasters

    The top I started crocheting a couple of weeks ago I had to abandon because I ran out of yellow yarn and couldn’t find any in the same colour anywhere. I think they must have stopped making it. It was one I had in my stash for a little while so it’s not surprising. I […]

  • Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts

    Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts

    I’ve spent most of my Sunday crocheting. I didn’t get to the allotment this weekend which means it’s going to be full of weeds next weekend. I find it hard to stay on top of the weeds at this time of year. But here’s what I did with my crochet hook. It will eventually become […]

  • Roots Catering, science experiments, and my crochet fox

    Roots Catering, science experiments, and my crochet fox

    We splashed out and ordered the three-course meal from Roots Catering on Friday night. Roots is an Aberdeen vegan food business. In normal times they sell vegan burgers by the beach. During lockdown they switched to an online purchase and delivery model for their burgers. Once a week they do a decadent three-course meal which […]

  • Hand-knitted jumpers

    Hand-knitted jumpers

    I’ve spent the past few days crocheting while binge-watching Downton Abbey. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend the holidays. I finished this skirt for Elizabeth. Yesterday we went for a bike ride to the charity shop and I picked up two hand-knitted jumpers for ¬£10 each. They are beautiful and someone put […]

  • Comfy socks on a deserted island

    Comfy socks on a deserted island

    I’ve gone sock crazy! I’ve just finished making a pair of socks (these are definitely not made in China!) and they’re so luxurious I had problems finding something to wear with them. Last weekend I discovered the magnificent yarn of J.C Rennie, one of Scotland’s last woollen mills. There’s something about a beautiful yarn that […]

  • Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    Mishmash of crochet, forceful vegans, ISIS brides, and made in China

    I’ve been a little quiet recently which does not mean I haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve just been busy. All my spare time lately has been spent crocheting. I’ve become obsessed with socks and have made so many now and even designed my own pattern for crochet socks which I’ve put up for […]

  • Meet Rambo

    Meet Rambo

    I just finished Rambo, the latest addition to our household. He’ll be proudly joining Wishart on one of our walls.

  • I made socks

    I made socks

    Ben bought me some sock yarn which he got in Germany on a work trip over a year ago. I only just got around to turning them into socks, but sadly, I ran out of yarn. I made them from the top down so I couldn’t make them shorter without unravelling the whole lot. In […]

  • The mighty huntress

    The mighty huntress

    I have just finished this rather wonderful crochet head of a stag. All he needs now is a name. I got the pattern from a fantastic book called Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie. All the patterns look terrific and I fully intend to make more of them. I have never understood why people kill animals […]

  • A crochet hat

    A crochet hat

    Our recent glamping holiday¬†on a luxury bus¬†was on an alpaca farm (pics here¬†and here). I bought a couple of balls of the lovely yarn from the Bankrugg Boys¬†and made myself a hat over the weekend. My hat: The yarn¬†is a lovely natural colour and I’m so happy with how the it¬†turned out. It’s much better […]