Some crochet garments

I accidentally sprayed my armpit with peppermint oil this morning. Don’t do it: it stings! I thought it was deodorant as the bottles are the same. We bought some peppermint oil recently and put it in a glass spray bottle to spray as air freshener after the fire. It did a good job of hiding the smoke smell. Just don’t put it undiluted on your skin. Still, I’m sure it’s not as bad as accidentally brushing your teeth with baby bottom cream instead of toothpaste which Ben did once.

I’ve made a couple of crochet garments for myself recently and want to share. The first is a dress made from a 1960s crochet pattern I bought from the WonkyZebra on Etsy. She’s selling lots of 1960s patterns which she’s added great instructions to so they’re very easy to follow.

I was thinking of continuing on the length and turning this into a long dress. Any thoughts?

The other item is a cardigan.

I’m really happy with how the cardigan turned out. I may replace the button as this was taken from another item of clothing I already had and no longer wear. I’m not sure it does it justice.

The wool is special because it’s from British Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) sheep and has travelled less than 100 miles to go from farm to yarn. The dye is also natural and free from petrochemicals. BFL wool is the softest of all British sheep and animal welfare standards in the UK are high. The mulesing of sheep which is where they cut off their tails and is common practice in countries like New Zealand and Australia is banned in the UK. I love this country.

If you’re interested in more sustainably produced and naturally dyed yarns have a look at Herd.

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