Hand-knitted jumpers

I’ve spent the past few days crocheting while binge-watching Downton Abbey. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend the holidays. I finished this skirt for Elizabeth.


Yesterday we went for a bike ride to the charity shop and I picked up two hand-knitted jumpers for £10 each. They are beautiful and someone put a lot of effort into making them. I wonder whether they were an unwanted Christmas gift that got dropped off at the charity shop after Christmas? Some people don’t value hand-made things but I do, especially knitted garments. The yarn alone would have cost more than £10 and feels like wool. I love old things and hand-made things because they all come with a story. It’s true I don’t need more jumpers and I suspect Ben fears I will one day have more jumpers than Imelda Marcos had shoes but there’s nothing more comforting in winter than a hand-knitted jumper. Here’s one of them:


The other one is great for wearing around the house or for when I’m sitting on the sofa crotcheting.


When we’d finished binge-watching Downton Abbey today we went for a walk in the woods at Crathes Castle.


The castle looks particularly lovely at this time of year. It glows a bit in contrast with the muted lighting that accompanies mid-winter.


Some new woodland animals have appeared on the walks. They’re very good.


There’s a fish ladder in the Burn of Coy for salmon to swim upstream into the lake.





IMG_1343 (1)

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