Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts

I’ve spent most of my Sunday crocheting. I didn’t get to the allotment this weekend which means it’s going to be full of weeds next weekend. I find it hard to stay on top of the weeds at this time of year. But here’s what I did with my crochet hook. It will eventually become a top.


Little Victoria is very comfortable with all of us now. Here she is fulfilling her role as a soft fluffy creature for patting while watching TV.


And providing company for a small girl when she’s reading her book.


My favourite charity shop is still shut. I cycled to it on Saturday, inspired by Beatrice’s vintage wedding dress but was disappointed to find that is hasn’t reopened yet. It should be open again next weekend. Thank goodness!

I’ve completed two 4-week courses on over the past couple of months. The first was Human-Centered Design from the University of California, San Diego. The second course I just finished this weekend and was An Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design from the University of Illinois. Both were very good, entirely online, and have given me lots of good ideas for my work. Universities will have a particularly tough year ahead of them and these kinds of online courses offer a nice money-making option. Institutions that don’t offer online options are going to fall behind.

During the lockdown I cut my own hair. I didn’t do a particularly good job but it didn’t matter because everyone else was in the same boat. Now that hairdressing salons are open and everyone else is having their hair done I feel forced to do the same. I managed to get an appointment for next weekend. I have a friend who lives in Spain and she told me that during the lockdown a hairdresser was busted for breaking the rules and was only discovered because people kept emerging from the building with fantastic hair and the authorities got suspicious.

8 thoughts on “Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts”

  1. I always worry about Charity Shops and whether they will be able to open again. Many of them were quite a crush, so Social Distancing can be a problem that some may not be able to address.

  2. Charity shops are open near us but only 5 people allowed in etc. I am dropping some things off, hope they are useful for them, I am aware people have been clearing out over lockdown and don’t want them to be overwhelmed.
    I crocheted a snowflake for Christmas as the beginning of a project. It takes ages for me to have enough time to crochet and I like to plan ahead. You have to soak in starch to make it stiff not floppy and I liked being able to use something non-chemical to do it. (Wheat starch – I have a lot of it from Chinese cooking).
    Your crochet is very neat and even!

      1. It was sticky! But not very messy because the starch is very thick. It’s less messy than making pasta. I was disappointed that I couldn’t snip all the bits of starch off that were poking out from the edges of the crochet.

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