The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats

Elizabeth did her highland dance exam today and she thinks it went well but she won’t get her results for at least a few weeks. She got highly commended in the national exam she did last year.

Thankfully the socks arrived in time along with the kilt which we sent off to have the hem lowered. She’s had this kilt since 2018 so it has lasted well. I bought a second-hand jacket off eBay last weekend which arrived on Tuesday and was a tiny bit too big so we took it to be altered and by Saturday she was all set.

Her teachers asked her today how she managed to get a pair of socks so quickly. One does not simply walk into a shop and buy highland dance socks. They’re specially made and take 10 days on priority order. They also cost £139. I am not kidding. We were lucky to get them so fast.

For most of the rest of the weekend, I’ve been crocheting a cardigan for myself. It’s a pretty pattern.

I’ll share a photo when it’s done if it looks nice.

I’m still loving the groat oats and have them every day for breakfast now. I don’t think I can go back to regular oats. This was my breakfast this morning: groat oats with plain unsweetened soya yoghurt, cinnamon, kiwi fruit, ground flax, and a bit of maple syrup. I don’t even bother with soya or oat milk. It doesn’t need any. The yoghurt is enough and I cook the groats in water. You can buy it from Whole Food Earth in 3kg packs and it is grown in Scotland.

2 thoughts on “The highland dance exam, some crochet, and groat oats”

    1. I don’t know. I’ve wondered that myself. They are very thick with a beautiful pattern and I imagine the market for them is quite small as they’re only worn by highland dancers but it still seems excessive.

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