Roots Catering, science experiments, and my crochet fox

We splashed out and ordered the three-course meal from Roots Catering on Friday night. Roots is an Aberdeen vegan food business. In normal times they sell vegan burgers by the beach. During lockdown they switched to an online purchase and delivery model for their burgers. Once a week they do a decadent three-course meal which you can have devlivered to your door. This is what we tried on Friday.

The menu changes each week so you have to look on their website the weekend before to see what it will be. We had BBQ cauliflower wings as the first course, caramelised onion with roast potatoes for the main, and a chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce for dessert.




It was scrumptious! The main in particular was like an explosion of flavours in my mouth. People who complain that vegan food is bland have never really eaten vegan food. Meat is bland. It’s plants that give meat flavour – herbs and spices are all plants.

The online school the kids attend has after school clubs. Both kids are in the science after school club. This week they were doing some experiments and Daniel got really into it and prepared all the equipment an hour in advance of the class. I was amazed. Teachers are able to get students engaged in an activity in a way that parents cannot. It also shows there’s really no limit to what can be achived with an online school.



I framed the fox I crocheted a couple years ago this week.  Poor foxy was never given a spot on the wall because he didn’t turn out as I’d hoped but he’s still pretty cool and I finally decided to put him on display.


4 thoughts on “Roots Catering, science experiments, and my crochet fox”

  1. Foxy reminds me of my first attempt at a Vanessa Mooncie crochet bird. What was even worse was when I realised my tension was all wrong, I undid it and tried again with the same wool, which had by then already been stretched.
    I think it is good to remind ourselves of the journeys we have been on!
    It is so lovely that the kids have online school and it makes me sad that so many children are missing out on really engaging education.

    1. How did the bird turn out on your second attempt? It’s always hard to undo something especially when you’ve spent a lot of time on it. Maybe something that’s imperfect has it’s only special appeal – that’s my excuse anyway 🙂

      It is very sad how many children are missing out on school. I wish they could all join an online one like our kids have done but I recognise this wouldn’t work for everyone.

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