Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

I crocheted myself a pair of bathers. I’m not sure whether I’ll wear them in public. The colour matches my skin a bit too closely and makes it look like I’m wearing nothing. It was fun to make though.

Yesterday I picked some redcurrants and stewed them up to make jam.

I used water, redcurrants, and sugar.

It tasted delicious when I put it in jars and I was worried it was too watery but it has firmed up overnight and if anything it’s a bit too thick now. It’s turned into a jelly.

I was going through some old photos and found this adorable video of Elizabeth, taken in February 2011, just before the second big earthquake. She was 13 months.

We’re up to over 50,000 cases a day here now and still we’re moving into level 0 on Monday. We’ve got a holiday coming up so I’m pleased we’re not in lockdown but the escalating number of cases is a worry. Hospitalisations and deaths are still low thanks to vaccination.

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