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  • My awesome bike and veggie Chinese takeaway

    My awesome bike and veggie Chinese takeaway

    The best thing about these dark days is how awesome my bike looks. If you’re looking for a good Christmas present for someone who likes to eat a lot of plants then I recommend The Veggie Chinese Takeaway Cookbook. Who doesn’t like Chinese takeaway? I made the hoisin sauce today then used it in one […]

  • Tollohill Wood by bike

    Tollohill Wood by bike

    The one thing I find myself missing during this time of lockdown is long country walks up hills, past lochs, and through castles. I miss our weekends away and Sunday adventures. Last week on one of his bike rides, Ben discovered Tollohill Wood, a woodland only 2 miles from home. I never knew this place […]

  • The Highland dancer and inside Hoss

    The Highland dancer and inside Hoss

    Elizabeth had a Highland Dance performance on Sunday afternoon. She was wonderful! I enjoyed watching this show immensely. Highland Dancing is so different to the dancing I’m used to and I love that they get to dance with swords. Luckily the swords are not sharp otherwise a few of the children would be missing toes […]

  • Desk cycling

    Desk cycling

    I recently noticed that my scales are telling me I’m heavier than I really am. It’s like the problem of clothes shrinking while hanging in the wardrobe. I think it’s because I’m not cycling as much as I used to. The kids are too big for Busby and we walk most places now. This is […]

  • The cane chair bike

    The cane chair bike

    I saw this bike at Newton Dee yesterday. There are no pedals but it has an electric motor. I think it needs a couple of cushions on the seat but otherwise looks fun.

  • Harald

    My new bike has a name: Harald after Harald Hardrada. We’ve had a fantastic day. I spent several hours in the garden this morning. Our garden is amazing and I love it. The kids were also out there building hotels for snails and grubs and worms and anything they could find. It’s feeling very much […]

  • I’ve got a new bike

    My new bike arrived today. I could barely sleep last night I was so excited about it. It’s a really gorgeous bike and as you can see in the next pic, there’s plenty of headroom for the kids which is what I was most worried about. Here are my first impressions after having been in […]

  • My new bike is on its way!

    My new bike has left Denmark and is on its way to Aberdeen! I’m not sure when it will arrive but hopefully this week. My legs are wilting away through lack of use and I’m not sure I can cope much longer without a bicycle. A heavy-duty bike chain arrived today for the new bike. […]

  • I’ve got Busby back!!

    Busby finally arrived today. He’s been at the hospital (= bike shop) in York having some work done. We took him out for a spin. I felt very wobbly at first as the longer frame takes some getting used to and I haven’t ridden him for 10 months now. But after about 15 minutes or so I […]

  • Cargo cycling

    Someone sent me this (thank you!) which shows how fabulous cargo cycling can be for the entire family and more! It’s in German but don’t let that put you off. The visual is the main thing.

  • Cycling in Auckland

    Today is a great day. For the first time ever, I was a commuter cyclist in Auckland. I finally overcame my fear and cycled Elizabeth to kindergarten, a round trip of about 8km. It was hot! But it was a good ride, easier than I was expecting and no lives were lost. Auckland is very hilly […]

  • Running vs cycling

    I have injured my heel while running and so have had to abandon this activity for the past few days while I hobble around and hope it gets better soon. This has been disappointing because I was starting to semi-enjoy running. Not wanting to become slothful, I decided to head out on my creaky old […]

  • Le Tour de York

    The Tour de France in 2014 will start from North Yorkshire and the people of York are starting to get excited about this. When I first heard about it I was puzzled because I thought this famous French cycle race was always held in France. It is called the Tour de France after all. And […]

  • Cycling in York

      The ease with which we can cycle around York has surpassed all of my expectations. Perhaps this is because we have come from car-dependent Auckland where bicycles are not catered for very well, so I really didn’t expect much. In York, however, there are many completely off-road cycle paths like this one above which […]

  • The future of cycling?

    Could this bike be the future of cycling?   The levitating bike is an entry into the 2013 Hi-MACS annual design contest. It captures the energy from pedalling, stores it in a battery and then allows you to subsequently plug this energy back into the grid. It can also charge small devices via USB, like […]

  • I want to ride my bike…..

    I want to ride my bike with my two-year-old sitting in her seat on the back. She loves it. I love it. I want to ride my bike to save money on petrol. I want to ride my bike to reduce my greenhouse gas emissions. I want to ride my bike to help prevent depression […]