I’ve got a new bike

My new bike arrived today. I could barely sleep last night I was so excited about it. It’s a really gorgeous bike and as you can see in the next pic, there’s plenty of headroom for the kids which is what I was most worried about.


Here are my first impressions after having been in possession for less than a day. It’s noticeably lighter than Busby even with the mammoth chain I have to cart around for locking it up. Hills were easier and I can even stand up and pedal which is not something I could do on a Bakfiets because my knees hit the box.

I nearly crashed a couple times when I first got on it though. I’m not used to the shorter length after riding Busby day after day for so long. And I also found the tilting system a bit scary at first. I initially felt like the bike was going to tip over but it was just the tilting system which I have to say is very impressive. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering. Notice also that the bike doesn’t have a chain. It’s got a Carbon Drive belt instead. These last longer than metal chains, don’t rust, and don’t need oiling.

The bike got a lot of favourable attention from other cyclists and pedestrians who were all really impressed and, being the attention-seeker that I am, was rather nice. There’s a lockable compartment just behind where the kids sit which is really huge and fits lots of things including my handbag.

Negatives? When I’m not sitting on the bike and the kids are both inside it has a tendency to tip forwards. The frame is so light that if there’s no other weight other than what’s in the box it’s a bit unbalanced. I’m going to try wrapping the really heavy chain just below the seat to try to counter the weight a bit and see how that goes.

I got a passerby to take this pic of all of us but unfortunately he appeared just as I’d shoved a huge piece of chocolate in my mouth, hence the weird smile.


What do you think? Do I look badass?