Le Tour de York

The Tour de France in 2014 will start from North Yorkshire and the people of York are starting to get excited about this. When I first heard about it I was puzzled because I thought this famous French cycle race was always held in France. It is called the Tour de France after all. And if it starts in North Yorkshire, how will the cyclists get across the English Channel? It turns out that the Tour de France is mostly held in France but it does occasionally pass through other countries. The getting across the English Channel bit I’m still unsure about but presumably they’ll go by ferry, train or plane.

As part of the lead up to the Grand Départ 2014, York has been celebrating everything cycling. Yesterday, part of the central city was closed off to cars allowing cyclists a 5.6km car-free route around the city. There was entertainment at various places and the York Festival of Cycling in full swing at Rowntree Park. We, of course, joined in the fun and it was great fun. Cycling through the inner city was particularly magic especially cycling past the Minster in all its medieval glory and with its bells joyfully ringing.



Some of the action at Rowntree Park


The bakfiets


The bakfiets in motion. It even goes backwards.