The future of cycling?

Could this bike be the future of cycling?

LEVI 07_xl


The levitating bike is an entry into the 2013 Hi-MACS annual design contest. It captures the energy from pedalling, stores it in a battery and then allows you to subsequently plug this energy back into the grid. It can also charge small devices via USB, like phones and tablets.

It is called the levitating bike because it will use magnetic levitation and kinetic energy to lift it very slightly off the ground and so reduce friction and make the ride smoother.

The seat looks very uncomfortable but I still want one!


  1. Can I claim the credit for inventing it? I drew a bike that worked in a very similar way when I was five years old. (Never got around to building it though.)

  2. The ‘seat’ is beyond ridiculous. The photo caption should be ‘Levitation is freedom from comfort’. I wonder if the designer has genitals. I particularly wouldn’t want to be a guy riding a bike like that.

  3. Rachel — You sound as though you know what you’re talking about so I’ll defer to your superior knowledge. The Levitation is perfect for men. 🙂

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