My new bike has a name: Harald after Harald Hardrada.

We’ve had a fantastic day. I spent several hours in the garden this morning. Our garden is amazing and I love it. The kids were also out there building hotels for snails and grubs and worms and anything they could find. It’s feeling very much like spring with the bulbs starting to flower and buds on all the trees and shrubs.

Then we took Harald into town. He’s a joy to ride. He’s definitely the SUV of bikes. I used to think Busby was but Harald feels much larger and takes a more commanding position on the road which is rather nice. Ben took this pic.


The suspension is really good and he copes so well with all the bumps and potholes on the road. It’s also nice that the kids can sit on a proper seat again.

Ben took it for a quick spin too; his first. He said it handles much more like a bike than Busby which is strange because Harald’s really a trike. But Busby is longer than a regular bike and so in this regard Harald is more like a bike and probably easier for first-time cargo cyclists to try.


Anyway, the family is now calling me for a movie and cake so that’s all!

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