My new bike is on its way!

My new bike has left Denmark and is on its way to Aberdeen! I’m not sure when it will arrive but hopefully this week. My legs are wilting away through lack of use and I’m not sure I can cope much longer without a bicycle.

A heavy-duty bike chain arrived today for the new bike. The people at Butchers and Bicycles recommended an Abus Granit City chain which is really designed for motorbikes rather than bicycles. I doubt anyone will be able to steal my new bike with this chain but OMG it weighs a tonne. So now I see a conundrum where if you pay a fortune for a super light bike you need to make sure it’s properly secured but the chain weighs so much that it almost takes away the benefit of the light bike. Buy a cheap and heavy bike that no-one wants and you don’t have to bother about locking it up at all. Ok so I exaggerate a little here and I’m still dying with excitement about my new bike which I don’t regret buying at all. It does have a cup holder, after all.