Running vs cycling

I have injured my heel while running and so have had to abandon this activity for the past few days while I hobble around and hope it gets better soon. This has been disappointing because I was starting to semi-enjoy running. Not wanting to become slothful, I decided to head out on my creaky old bicycle instead. So for the past few evenings I’ve been cycling for the purposes of exercise only – this is something new for me since I have only ever cycled in order to get from A to B.

Getting out on my bike again has reminded me how much fun cycling is and how superior it is to running as a form of exercise. It is gentler on the body for a start – no jarring of joints or thumping of heels on concrete pavements. It is also fun. The up-hills are tough but the down-hills are exhilarating and not unlike the fun of a roller coaster ride. They are wheeeeee!

It is not quite as good a workout for cardiovascular fitness as running is but it’s a better workout for leg muscles. I have felt the strength in my legs fading away since saying goodbye to Busby but these past few days I’ve felt some of that return. I’d rather have the strength training and the free transportation and the not having to make an effort to exercise simply because this is my form of transport and all those wheeeees than to be stuck in my car day in day out – with a daddy long legs too! – and to then have to find time in the evenings to go out and run up and down hills and injure myself. I am a commuter cyclist through and through. I just wish cities around the world would make it easier for people like me to stay fit and healthy.