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  • Scolty Hill

    Scolty Hill

    Next to the village of Banchory, which is about 18 miles from Aberdeen, is Scolty Hill. Desperate to get out of the house and into the countryside I suggested we go there after lunch and walk to the summit. It was a superb outing. The walk is about 1.5 hours and not too strenuous. There […]

  • Exclusively Highlands Craft Fair at Drum Castle

    Exclusively Highlands Craft Fair at Drum Castle

    We’ve been to Drum Castle more than any other castle now, mostly because it’s so close, but it’s terrific and one of the best in Aberdeenshire. It’s also open all year round although only on weekends over the winter. Most other castles close for the winter. Every weekend I check for events at Drum and other nearby […]

  • Castle Fraser

    Castle Fraser

    My aunt and uncle have left now – I thoroughly enjoyed having them here. We went to Castle Fraser on Thursday and I’m only just getting around to posting the pics. I haven’t been there for over a year and it was wonderful. The walled garden is one of the best I’ve seen with a very […]

  • Crathes Castle

    Crathes Castle

    My aunt and uncle are visiting this weekend and we so enjoyed our trip to Crathes Castle last weekend that we decided to do it again. Much to my amazement we were told we could take photos inside provided we didn’t use the flash. The National Trust never let you take photos and so I’ve never […]

  • Go Ape at Crathes Castle

    Go Ape at Crathes Castle

    We took Susie to Crathes Castle today and I forgot how terrific it is. I love Crathes Castle! The castle is awesome, the gardens are probably the best castle gardens I’ve seen, the cafe is excellent and has an adjoining children’s playground, and Go Ape have a presence there. We have never played at Go […]

  • Haddo House

    We’re starting to run out of castles to see for the first time and so today we visited a stately home instead. Haddo House was built in the 18th Century and sits in a huge country estate with lakes, woodland, and a deer park. We were completely blown away and didn’t even go inside the house. They have […]

  • Slains Castle

    Slains Castle

    We took my sister to Slains Castle today. It’s a castle ruin about 25 miles north along the coast from Aberdeen. It was a scenic drive along the coast through undulating fields of farmland overlooking the vast expanse of the North Sea. Slains Castle’s claim to fame is that it supposedly inspired Bram Stoker to […]

  • Mediaeval battles at Drum Castle

    Mediaeval battles at Drum Castle

    We went to Drum Castle today. I have been itching to visit this castle again ever since our cycle ride from Banchory to Aberdeen via Drum Castle. It was so hot that day and we were so exhausted by the time we arrived at Drum Castle that I took one look at the tower with all its […]

  • Crathes Castle

    It has been a few weeks since we last went to a castle and I’m suffering from castle withdrawal symptoms so we took off for Crathes Castle which is about 15 miles south-west of Aberdeen. I’ve just recently discovered that Aberdeenshire has more castles per acre than anywhere else in Britain. They’re everywhere! We booked […]

  • Deeside Way

    We’ve just been out for a cycle ride on Deeside Way. This is the old train line which used to ferry Queen Victoria and entourage out to Balmoral Castle every summer. It was closed in the 60s and has recently been converted into a cycling/walking path. The pathway goes all the way out to Ballater, […]

  • Craigievar Castle

    We booked another Co-Wheels car today. I think I’ve got the system all figured out and have tried a few different cars now including electric, petrol, and hybrid. Most of the problems I had in the beginning were down to user error, I’m embarrassed to say. We drove out to Craigievar Castle, about 30 miles […]

  • Glen Garioch and Tolquhon Castle

    We have had another terrific day today. I almost feel a bit bad that I have so many terrific days and I hope that I’m not rubbing it in too much by writing about them on my blog all the time. There’s something so fun about writing about my experiences. It’s kind of a way […]