Ballochie Suspension Bridge, Braemar, Glenshee, and snow

I took these photos today of the magnificent Ballochie Suspension Bridge which is just outside Braemar. It was built in 1924 and spans the River Dee. I always admire it when we drive past, not just for the bridge itself which is beautiful in its own right but also for the setting – the forests, the river, and the mountains in the distance. The whole scene was particularly stunning today. I’m not sure which photo I like best so I’m uploading all of them.






Braemar is about 20 minutes from Ballater by car, past Balmoral Castle and further inland and higher. It’s a very cute village. The shops are all unique – there are no chain stores and the village is built around the River Clunie which in parts looks like a gorge with dramatic cliffs towering over river rapids below. The village is winding and undulating and I find that more aesthetically pleasing than villages that are laid out like a grid with one straight, flat road through the centre.




We went further inland again to Glenshee, the local ski field, to do some sledging. It’s only about 10 minutes from Braemar and the drive is lovely. Lots of fun was had by the little people once we got there.








2 thoughts on “Ballochie Suspension Bridge, Braemar, Glenshee, and snow”

  1. Isabel has always wanted to go sledging but there is never enough snow here. That looks like a fabulous place to visit, snow-wise, but also so unspoilt with no chain shops, and so much beauty naturally and in the construction of the bridge.

    1. You’ll have to come to Scotland! Although it’s hard to know when we’ll get snow up here. It’s not a given at Glenshee all the time. Last winter they had a bad year for snow but this year it has been great.

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