Bike paths for all demonstration on 9th September in Aberdeen

The new bypass for motor vehicles – the AWPR – is set to open soon and I posted recently about the attempts to make up for the absence of cycling provision in the new road by organising a cycling event where you cannot take a bike. After a lot of bad publicity the event was changed and cyclists are now allowed to take a bike however the frustration in the cycling community here is starting to bubble and I fear it’s going to explode. One major concern is that not only have they failed to accommodate cyclists in the construction of the AWPR but they’ve also made conditions worse for cyclists and pedestrians.

I’m a member of the Aberdeen cycle forum and people have been coming to us with their concerns and they are angry, disappointed, and frustrated with transport planners in this region. In response we’re organising a demonstration outside Marischal College on the 9th September 2018.

A lot of money has been spent on roads for motor vehicles but this has been to the detriment of active travel. The Aberdeen City Council says in their master plan that they want to create a “cycling city” but I’m yet to see any action towards this goal. What they say and what they do are two very different things. The people of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire want segregated cycling infrastructure so that people of all ages and abilities (including children) can ride bikes safely. We want all road building developments – new builds and road maintenance projects – to consider cycling during the design phase. Please come along on Sunday 9th September to help us collectively communicate this message to our transport planners by demonstrating outside Marischal College on September 9th at 12pm.

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5 thoughts on “Bike paths for all demonstration on 9th September in Aberdeen”

  1. Good luck. As a pedestrian (soon to be part-time cyclist) I am increasingly angry with the ‘car is king’ mentality. Power to the pedal, foot, hoof and paw! Mxxx

  2. I agree with More too, though I am also a driver, so much impatience, especially round here, all to gain an extra few seconds. Good luck with the event. I also read an article about how, because drivers are in a metal box, surrounded by all their stuff, they look upon the road as their won personal space as well.

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