A new Doctor Who and speed tourism

The 13th Doctor Who was announced today and sadly, it’s not me. I suppose this shouldn’t come as a surprise since I didn’t audition for the part but just in case Jodie Whittaker changes her mind, I’m available. If there are any BBC casting people reading this then this is a FYI.

Today was so busy. It was my last day on holiday and we have visitors so we did speed tourism which is kind of like speed dating but where you see as many sights as possible. First we went to Burn O’Vat which is basically what it sounds like: a giant stone vat.












Next stop was the gardens of Crathes Castle.




Then we made a quick stop at Milton of Crathes which has lots of lovely craft shops, a playground, a brasserie, and a train station for steam trains.



The last stop was Drum Castle because I needed to get a photograph of the toilets.




9 thoughts on “A new Doctor Who and speed tourism”

  1. Well, the toilet was ok, I guess, hahahaha! Thanks for remembering! šŸ˜‰

    I think my wife would enjoy Scotland. It’s definitely in mind for next summer!

    1. Kids really love Burn O’Vat. I’m not sure what it is about the place but they love it. Elizabeth even fell in and got soaking wet this time but she didn’t complain.

  2. I am very sad you won’t be the 13th Doctor Who. Maybe the 14th?
    I enjoyed the pictures you shared. The nature is stunning and I loved the picture of you with your kids. Your daughter resembles you Rachel.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photo’s Rach, lovely blue skies and lush green colours. There is something about a clear blue sky that makes my heart sing! I hope that we will get to visit these places with you guys one day too, Burn O’Vat will definitely be on the list. Althought Pa Nang consistently reminds me that we must visit Thailand again first and foremost! Much love to Ben and the kids xxxxx

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