Snow, castles, and a squirrel mug

Snow or castle? That was the question we asked ourselves yesterday when deciding what to do today. Fortuitously, we got both at Castle Fraser. The snow we had this week hasn’t completely melted at Castle Fraser and we got a taste of it on our walk around the estate. Here’s the family portrait.


And the serious one:


When the ground is frozen it makes walking along muddy paths much more pleasant because the mud is also frozen and you don’t get grubby shoes.




Inside the castle was the Exclusively Highlands craft fair, a market of locally made produce, art, and crafts. I bought some wonderful painted mugs including this terrific red squirrel mug from Angus Grant Art. It’s appropriate that rachelsquirrel has a red squirrel mug.

Photo on 26-11-2017 at 16.15 #2.jpg


The castle garden fish pond:




Jumping shot:


Ben got his “Don’t like snow” photo:


This last photo is a building on Union Street in Aberdeen which I snapped from the car window. It’s the Aberdeen Town House and has been hidden behind scaffolding for the past 18 months; it’s so nice to see it again.


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