Winter swimming

We went to St Cyrus beach for a swim today. My sister-in-law is visiting and she has a penchant for icy showers and swims in freezing lakes in Switzerland. The photos make it look like a warm summer’s day but it’s actually winter here and the water temperature was 7°C.


I’m preparing myself psychologically before venturing in.





The swim was invigorating. It’s almost unbearable as you walk into the sea and can feel your feet going numb but once you’ve submerged yourself it feels terrific. It’s like a pulse of caffeine is pumped through every vein and artery and you suddenly feel warm and alive. This feeling lasts for quite a while afterwards but if you don’t get dressed quickly then you will feel cold again so it’s important to get dry and rugged up again.



Before our wild swimming we visited Dunottar Castle.


This is my sister, Caroline, with the kids.



Yesterday we went ice skating in the Christmas Village in Aberdeen.



6 responses to “Winter swimming”

  1. Nutter 🙂 I remember one time we went down to visit my parents in Cornwall out of season with the kids, and they went in the sea wearing wetsuits – at one point I saw our eldest (about 9 at the time) start to struggle, so went straight in after her – stripped to my shorts. I think those on the shore thought I was mad – but strangely, I didn’t feel the cold at all that time. Of course I felt it afterwards 🙂

    • The adrenaline kept you warm but once that passes you feel the cold. It was good you were around and watching your 9-year-old!

      I’ve only done this three times now but what I’ve learnt is that you have to rug up quickly after getting out even if you don’t feel cold. Overdo the warm clothing and you won’t get that delayed feeling of cold that can last a couple of hours. Once you feel cold like that it’s hard to get warm again.

      • I’ve only experienced that cold once – while waiting at the end of a running race for my mother-in-law (she used to run marathons). We were on Seaton beach, down on the south coast – it was bitter. Took a couple of days to feel ok again afterwards.

  2. I couldn’t do that! But I think it’s great for your kids to see your spirit of adventure. Also cycling and vegan living seem to be awfully good for your muscle toning.

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