A winter person

I didn’t want to leave Ballater today. It started snowing heavily this morning and it was the kind of snow that settles for a few days; the best kind of snow. The flakes were huge and dry and it wasn’t windy or particularly cold. The snow followed us all the way back home, turning to rain just west of Aberdeen. Even Banchory was cloaked in the white stuff. I’m proud of myself for driving in it without going into panic and freak-out mode.


Here’s the forest on Craigendarroch, transformed into a winter scene. There’s nothing I like more than walking through the woods on a snowy day.




The drive back:







Admiring the view before our departure:


This fantastic song is by an Australian band called The Winter People. I’m definitely a winter person.


8 thoughts on “A winter person”

  1. Gorgeous photos, I especially like the ones where you are moving. I don’t like the cold but actually I feel a bit weird now the dark in the mornings is starting to lift. I quite like being out in the dark. I don’t have a favourite season but I probably like winter more than most people do – I like the cosy insideness compared contrasted with the wild outside.

    1. I like the cosiness of winter too. Even the dark doesn’t bother me much and by February there’s a good amount of light again so it doesn’t last long.

  2. Love the photo of you in the window. I’m sitting at work listening to the coffee shop playlist on Spotify, avoiding getting on with anything for a few minutes 🙂

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