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  • The Highland road trip past Corgaff Castle

    The Highland road trip past Corgaff Castle

    We’re back in Aberdeen and fast wifi again – yay! We loved our weekend away in Aviemore; our first trip away since Christmas last year when the whole of Scotland was put in lockdown that eventually lasted more than 4 months. I think lots of people had the same idea as we did because Aviemore […]

  • The Balmoral pyramid

    The Balmoral pyramid

    Today is the first day we’ve been allowed to leave Aberdeen after almost 4 months of lockdown. It was Boxing Day 2020 when all of Scotland was put into lockdown. Nearly 4 months later restrictions are starting to lift and we’re allowed to leave the city for exercise and mental health but still cannot stay […]

  • Abedeen in tier 3 for Christmas

    Abedeen in tier 3 for Christmas

    For the second time this year we’ve had to cancel a holiday due to covid. We were due to go to the highlands on Monday for 6 days to self-catering holiday accommodation but they’re moving Aberdeen into tier 3 on Friday at 6pm which effectively puts a fence around the city for everyone living here. […]

  • Winter wonderland, Braemar

    Winter wonderland, Braemar

    After last Sunday’s disappointing walk in Tullos Wood we went further afield today for a walk in Braemar. The recent snowfall in the highlands has created a winter wonderland and we were gifted a beautifully sunny day. The last part of the drive from Crathie to Braemar is always lovely but today the mist over […]

  • A walk at the Finzean watermills

    A walk at the Finzean watermills

    We went for an amazing walk and picnic today at the Finzean watermills. They’re quite tricky to find because the road doesn’t appear to have a name (it’s referred to as an access road for the Forest of Birse) and there’s no obvious postcode for the mills, so print and follow the directions on this […]

  • Potarch Bridge

    Potarch Bridge

    We visited a lovely bridge over the River Dee today called Potarch Bridge which is about 40 miles west of Aberdeen. It was built by the engineer Thomas Telford in 1811-1813. This is the same Thomas Telford who built the Caledonian Canal and many other bridges all over the UK. I do love an old […]

  • A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    This is going to be a long post with lots of photos so apologies in advance. We’ve just had a magnificent weekend in Braemar staying at the luxurious Fife Arms hotel. It’s quite a contrast to our recent glamping adventures and definitely opulent but worth every penny. I’ve been longing to spend a night at […]

  • A weekend at the Barley Bothy

    A weekend at the Barley Bothy

    We’ve just had a lovely weekend at the Barley Bothy: a little hut on a strawberry and sheep farm near Huntly. You can watch the making of the hut on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces, (series 4, episode 4). We like staying in interesting places because that’s all part of the holiday experience and the Barley […]

  • Creag Choinnich revisited

    Creag Choinnich revisited

    We took our Aussie visitor to Braemar for a walk up Creag Coinnich today. Creag Coinnich is a wonderful little hill walk as it’s not long but you are rewarded at the top with magnificent views that significantly outweigh the effort required to get up there. It’s only 3/4 of a mile and takes about […]

  • Lunch at the Queen’s house

    Lunch at the Queen’s house

    Last time we visited Loch Muick it was so windy we had to shout at one another to talk. We haven’t been back until today. We checked the weather forecast first to be sure we wouldn’t face another gale but I’m beginning to suspect Loch Muick and wind are two words that always go together […]

  • Hand-knitted jumpers

    Hand-knitted jumpers

    I’ve spent the past few days crocheting while binge-watching Downton Abbey. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend the holidays. I finished this skirt for Elizabeth. Yesterday we went for a bike ride to the charity shop and I picked up two hand-knitted jumpers for £10 each. They are beautiful and someone put […]

  • The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

    The Queen’s Circular walk, Braemar

    Snow has returned to Scotland and today we went to Braemar in search of some fun. Braemar is always gorgeous but particularly so when there’s snow on the surrounding hills and the drive through Royal Deeside is always lovely. We did the Queen’s Circular Walk which is fairly level and has nice views over Braemar […]

  • Back to Craigendarroch

    We went for a glorious walk up Craigendarroch today. The landscapes are beautiful at this time of year with a palette of yellows, oranges, golds, reds, browns, pinks, and greens. Craigendarroch is a steep and craggy hill overlooking the village of Ballater in Aberdeenshire. It’s covered in oak trees, hence the name Craigendarroch – craig […]

  • BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

    BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

    Yesterday we went out to Deeside Log Cabins to get a part for our shed (we bought our shed from them) and they have a wonderful BBQ cabin/spa/sauna that I took some photos of. On the inside is a BBQ and very inviting seating area: A spa: And a sauna: The whole thing costs about […]

  • A walk up Scolty Hill

    A walk up Scolty Hill

    We went for a walk up Scolty Hill today which is a small hill just south of Banchory. It’s about a 40 minute drive south west of Aberdeen to get to Banchory. The last time we walked up Scolty Hill it was snowing so it was quite different today. Everything was very lush and green […]

  • A cold, rainy picnic on the beach with seals

    A cold, rainy picnic on the beach with seals

    It was a cold, rainy, windy day today and we decided it was perfect for a picnic on the beach at Newburgh. Only in Scotland would you find people crazy enough to picnic in weather like we had today and we were not the only crazy ones there. It’s the first time I’ve felt the […]

  • Pitmedden Gardens

    Pitmedden Gardens

    Last Monday was a bank holiday here and we took the opportunity to visit Pitmedden Gardens. Despite being only 14 miles north of Aberdeen, we’ve never seen them before. We visited the café once on a trip to Tolquhon Castle but have never stopped to look at the gardens. Pitmedden Gardens is a recreation of […]

  • Creag Choinnich

    Creag Choinnich

    We walked up to the top of Creag Choinnich today and it was marvelous. It’s probably one of the loveliest hill walks I’ve done in Aberdeenshire. The views from the top are even nicer than those at Bennachie. I love hill-walking. The effort required to get to the top is always rewarded with magnificent views […]

  • A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit

    A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit

    Some kayakers lost a kayak in the River Clunie today and we watched the rescue operation. I’m amazed anyone kayaks on this part of the river because it looks way too treacherous to me. The kayak was bobbing up and down for a long time – at least half an hour. It was caught in […]

  • Photos of Braemar

    Photos of Braemar

    We’re in Braemar today and gosh I love this place. I think I could retire here. You can just make out the River Dee in the valley in the next photo. This is the River Clunie gushing beside the Fife Arms Hotel. The entrance to the Fife Arms is beautiful. This is the duck pond […]