Picnic at Craigievar Castle

It was a very warm bank holiday in the UK today and since both the kids and I had the day off we went for a picnic and a walk. I’m not a fan of hot sunny days like this. Give me dull, muted lighting any day so I wanted a forest walk where we’d have shade. We chose Craigievar Castle.

Craigievar Castle is probably the most beautiful of all the castles in the north east of Scotland. It’s a talk, pink tower house with several turrets and a battlement that looks more like a balcony.

It was built in the 16th century and has changed little since then. Even the inside is well-preserved although it’s still shut until next month.

The hill walk around the castle estate is lovely. It’s mostly forested so there’s plenty of shade on a hot day.

There are also some amazing views. On the walk you can see Lochnagar, which is a popular munro for climbing. We could see patches of snow on it.

I’ve zoomed in on it in this next shot.

On the other side of the walk you can see Bennachie which is in the complete opposite direction. I think it’s amazing that you can see both these notable landmarks on the one walk. I’m also impressed that I can recognise them now. I must be turning into a local to be able to see and name the hills from a distance.

The hill walk is only 2 miles and there’s also a shorter forest walk. Maps of both can be found on the National Trust website.

The last time we were in Craigievar was in 2015 when my dad was visiting us. I can’t believe it has taken us so long to go back. It is a really lovely castle in a beautiful spot. I want to see the inside again so we’ll definitely go back when it’s open for visitors again.

6 thoughts on “Picnic at Craigievar Castle”

  1. I think I remember you posting about this castle, because it’s quite unusual looking. I can’t believe it’s been that long either. Then I wondered if it’s just that lots of castles look like this, but I do think it was the same one. It was brave to go for a walk today, the morning was lovely and cool for a run but walking home from work was a drag.

    1. It is definitely a castle you don’t forget. We’ll go back to it more frequently now I think especially given how quiet it was there. We didn’t see another person on our walk.

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