Linn of Quoich

We had a delightful walk at the Linn of Quoich today. We walked upstream along the Quoich River further than we’ve gone before and I found myself having to stop over and over again for photos because it was just so pretty.

It was very quiet too. Practically no-one else there.

Daniel pooed on the bridge at the start of the walk.

This is the Devil’s punch bowl, famous for being used by the Earl O’ Mar in 1715 who is reported to have poured a stiff drink into the bowl to toast the Jacobites. Presumably he drank some before pouring it into the river?

Queen Victoria has a stone house right beside the punchbowl. She has houses dotted all over the place in these parts. I can picture her taking the carriage from Balmoral to what is now the carpark at the Linn of Quoich then walking up to her little hut for cucumber sandwiches. We’re lucky these days to have comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

Each time we visit this area there are more young trees. A lot of work is going into the regeneration of the ancient Caledonian forest which has seen centuries of neglect and decline. The forests around the Linn of Quoich have lots of young saplings so whatever they’re doing is working. I saw lots of rowan like in this next photo and also Scots pine and beech. That’s about all I can recognise.

On our way back home we stopped at the Linn of Dee, another favourite spot.

It was very quiet here too. Last year when we came it was packed. It was hotter and more conducive to swimming then but I also wonder whether covid played a role in it being extra busy last year with people choosing to holiday here rather than abroad. Now everyone has gone to Spain like they did before covid. On the one hand I’m pleased it’s quiet but on the other I think it’s much nicer to holiday locally – doing so also supports the local economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And what’s not to love about the Cairngorms?

We never tire of this place.

3 thoughts on “Linn of Quoich”

  1. It’s a shame people don’t appreciate more what there is around them in this country. My boyfriend got our train bookings wrong so we can’t go to Vienna this August but we are going to Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire instead and I am looking forward to being immersed in the local feel. Your pictures are very atmospheric, and especially put across the happy atmosphere of your family.

  2. What a magical place!!!! Oh how I would love to see the stone picnic hut!!!! It doesn’t look like we can go inside it, unfortunately? That’s a shame. Can’t even look in a window. Any plans to have it fixed up and reopened and let the public eat their cucumber sandwiches inside?

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