Elizabeth on skis and smiling having just come down the slope

Skiing at Glenshee

We were not deterred by our failed attempt to ski yesterday and went back again today with high hopes. Most of the snow disappeared overnight but Glenshee has snow machines so the beginner slopes were open and we got to ski!

One advantage of not much snow is it was quieter. I have been there on sunny days when there’s lots of snow just to toboggan and there are masses of people with long queues just for the café. It must be hard to run a business that’s so weather-dependent.

Of the three of us only I had skied before and that was more than 25 years ago in Norway when I nannied for a very wealthy family who went skiing over the Christmas / New Year period. The children were experts and taught me. It was quite different because you could just walk from the house to the ski field which was nearby.

Elizabeth has been once before to Garthdee – the dry ski slope in Aberdeen – for a lesson with her school but I’m not sure what they taught her because she didn’t even know how to snowplough so I don’t think it counts. I booked them both in for a lesson today but we had time before it to try on our own.

Elizabeth was pretty miserable and in tears at one point. I took this photo of her and told her she’d be smiling before the end of the day.

Elizabeth on skis and looking miserable

Thank goodness I was right! Doug from the snow school got her using the rope and skiing down within 5 minutes. Obviously parents are the worst teachers. Here she is smiling.

Elizabeth smiling and happy now
Short video of Elizabeth skiing

Daniel had no trouble at all. I think the difference is that Elizabeth is very cautious. She’s like me in this regard and that is a hindrance when learning something new like skiing as you really need to just set your fear aside and go for it.

Daniel looking very happ
Daniel skiing

Daniel really loved it and didn’t want to leave. I think they’re both keen to do it again but Daniel more so. Glenshee is only 1.5 hours from Aberdeen and open everyday so we could absolutely come again. It’s not that far away and easily a day trip.

Elizabeth in the equipment rental shop holding Slipper the penguin
Glenshee from the outside
A selfie of the three of us

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