The strange language of teenagers plus foxes, birds and standing stones

The kids were talking the other day and said something that made absolutely no sense to me so I asked them to explain and after the explanation I was no closer to understanding what it meant. They speak another language. I’ll tell you what they said and you see if you can figure it out:

“No-clipped into the backrooms”

It’s some kind of gaming reference about moving through walls. Now whenever they ask me a question like, “What’s for dinner?”. I respond with “no-clipped into the backrooms”.

It reminded me of that Frasier episode where you go inside the dog’s head (the dog is called Eddie) to hear what he can understand and it’s all, “yada, yada, yada, Eddie, yada yada yada, Eddie”. But in my case it’s, “yada, yada, yada, Roblox, yada, yada, yada Minecraft”.

It was such a great series Frasier.

Yesterday we went for dinner and a walk in Aboyne with some friends. It was so lovely. The Aberdeenshire countryside always lifts the spirits. It’s so idyllic and peaceful.

I got this photo of us at some standing stones. There are lots of standing stones in Aberdeenshire; massive stones that prehistoric humans placed in circles for goodness knows why.

Yesterday the fox came back. We saw him sunbathing in our backyard.

From a distance he almost looks dead so we went to take a closer look and he lifted his head. He was very relaxed and looked as though he owned the place.

He may have been hunting birds as I have feeder that gets visited by lots and lots of birds. They go through the food so quickly and I have to top it up everyday. I actually don’t mind if he takes the odd pigeon as lately the backyard has been giving me a Hitchcock “The Birds” vibe. I counted 9 pigeons out there the other day and when I look up at the roof they’re all perched on the edge just like in the movie.

4 thoughts on “The strange language of teenagers plus foxes, birds and standing stones”

  1. Your backyard looks amazing with all the plants. I think this is a particularly good for the soul post today – memories of Frasier and pictures of how beautiful nature is. As well as thinking about how prehistoric things have endured until today.

    1. Thanks, Denise. The garden is looking good. The lawn it a bit of a mess because I’m trying to grow it and plant stuff in it. I don’t want a lawn anymore but am not sure about how to change it. I think it will be a gradual process.

  2. Aww, your resident fox looks so at homeπŸ’› Teens definitely speak another language, each year they add new slang terms to their secret vocabulary lol. I’m in and out of schools/colleges a lot in my line of work and find myself having to ask them to explain words to me – how anyone keeps up I’ll never know 😊✨

  3. Funny, when you said that the fox might be eating some of the birds, I thought that it sounded strange, but if course foxes eat birds – e.g. chooks πŸ™‚

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