Knock Castle in the snow

It snowed in Ballater today so we decided Knock Castle in snow was the place to be and we weren’t disappointed.

You can’t beat a castle ruin in Scotland in winter snow.

I got Ben doing a jumping shot this time.

My jumping shot is fab. Look ma, no legs!

You can go inside Knock Castle. I forgot to post photographs of the inside last time. There’s not much to see as it has no roof but there is the remains of a spiral staircase just inside the front door.

The castle is about a 30-40 minute walk from Ballater. We passed some highland cows on the way.

The walk also passes a cairn where Queen Victoria met the 1st battalion of Gordon Highlanders.

We’re back in Aberdeen now and there’s been some snow here today too. Victoria behaved herself in the car. We put the seatbelt around her lead so she can’t come into the front and to give her some protection in a crash. She spent most of the trip sitting with the kids. They were delighted. The expression on her face says she’s tolerating it.

4 thoughts on “Knock Castle in the snow”

  1. Love the pics! Snow makes everything seem like another world. Does it snow everywhere in Scotland, or are there some places that seldom, or never, get snow?

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