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  • Carnage: a mockumentary

    I just watched Carnage, a comedic documentary set in the year 2067 when the whole world is vegan and reflecting back on their horrific, meat-eating past. There’s something in this for all diets because I really enjoyed it as did my meat-eating family. I didn’t specifically intend for the kids to watch it but Daniel was very […]

  • How to argue with a vegan

    I thought I’d do a part two of my “making fun of vegans” post from the other week. I like having my views challenged and engaging in difficult discussions about ethical issues. What I don’t like are the inane and often offensive statements people make. I’m referring to people who lick their lips and claim to […]

  • Animals eat each other, so why shouldn’t we eat them?

    People criticise and mock vegetarians quite a lot. I’m always happy to be laughed at and I’ve taught my kids that this is a good thing because it means you are making someone else happy and there’s nothing bad about that. However I get annoyed when people say silly things or incorrect things. Maybe I just like […]

  • The food revolution

    America sometimes seems like a country of extremes but one thing they do very well is innovation and entrepreneurship. I don’t think any other country in the world does these two things as well as America. One industry I have been watching with great interest is the food technology industry and America is leading the way. […]

  • Goodbye, Derek Parfit

    Imagine you’re in a car crash and the only part of you that survives is your brain. Suppose your brain is transplanted into the body of a brain-dead patient. Does the person become you? Are you still alive? What if instead your brain is cut in half and transplanted into the bodies of two people. Are […]

  • Bobbin bikes

    Bobbin bikes

    Elizabeth took her new wheels for a spin today. She let me have a turn. Her new bike is a Bobbin bike and is exactly how a bike should be with mud- and chain guards, a step-through frame, and a basket on the front for carrying things. Without the mud guards she would end up […]

  • “Gary” vegan cheese

    “Gary” vegan cheese

    Somehow I missed this very funny story from 2016. A few months ago a woman had a rant about Sainsbury’s new vegan cheese on Facebook. In it she suggests “Gary” as a possible name for vegan cheese. Here’s the full rant: Sainsbury’s responded with this: Someone at Sainsbury’s has a sense of humour. It has […]

  • This Beautiful Creature Must die

    We’re all addicted to the new 80s-themed Peta computer game to which The Smiths have lent their 1980s song, Meat is Murder. It’s quite retro with 8-bit audio and pixelated graphics and it’s also very addictive. The song grates on your nerves after a while though. Daniel is the reigning champion with a score of […]

  • Vegan Cheese

    Elizabeth has been begging to go to Newton Dee for the past few days. She even drew this picture of it this morning. Can you see Busby? We go about once per month, maybe more, and I guess she enjoys the ride there in Busby and also the promise of vegan chocolate or some other yummy treat. I […]

  • Petri dish meat balls

    Food technology company Memphis Meats has produced a meat ball with lab-grown meat rather than farm-raised animals. I don’t eat meat but I am cautiously optimistic of this development because there are so many negatives associated with raising animals for slaughter for human consumption – climate change, health, and ethics. Two of these problems can potentially be addressed through lab-grown […]

  • Absurd hypocrisy on the dinner table

    Earlier this week hosts of a Danish radio station killed a bunny rabbit on air and then later cooked and ate it. It generated a huge backlash for the station including calls for a boycott. I wonder how many of those who complained eat other animals? Why is it acceptable to kill, cook, and eat a young […]

  • Vegan for more than 10 years and still alive

    The best thing about having all our belongings back is that I’ve got all my cookbooks again. I’m not that good at just making recipes up and I also like flipping through cookbooks for inspiration. We had visitors over last Sunday and so I really needed some inspiration. I ended up making four vegan dishes: Moroccan Chickpeas, Chewy Indonesian Rice, […]

  • The Life You Can Save

    Whenever I find myself debating right and wrong, I wonder what Peter Singer would say. He’s the most rational thinker on the planet, in my opinion, and so I will sometimes say to myself, “What would Peter Singer do in this situation?”. For those who’ve never heard of him, he’s an Australian philosopher, the Ira W. […]

  • Marischal College, Aberdeen

    It’s a beautiful day in Aberdeen today. I had to run some errands in town this morning and I took these photos of the very gorgeous Marischal College. It’s the second largest granite building in the world, and is owned by the University of Aberdeen and leased to the city council. Apparently much of the […]

  • Ode to a Vegetarian Haggis

    Fossilcycle posted this wonderful poem to the comments on my post about vegetarian haggis. It’s a re-writing of a Robert Burns poem and I liked it so much I thought it deserved its own post. Ode To A Vegetarian Haggis Tim Dalling January 1993 Oh vegetarian haggis whit a view Thou glorious, steaming bag of veggie […]

  • Vegetarian haggis

    I do all my grocery shopping online and I’ll sometimes search for “vegetarian” or “vegan” just to see what comes up. This week I discovered vegetarian haggis. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs and the whole lot is encased in the sheep’s stomach. Then it is cooked and eaten. […]

  • All or nothing?

    Some people have expressed concern to me that I’m punishing my kids by banning sweets. But the thing is, when I say I’m banning something, it does not mean I’ve literally banned something. I never take anything to extremes. I’m flexible with practically everything I do in my life. So what does banning sweets mean? […]

  • Weekday vegetarianism

    I saw this TED talk today about being a weekday vegetarian and thought it was quite good. I know that many people are put off by vegan/vegetarianism because it seems like an impossible task. But it needn’t be done militantly and as Graham Hill makes clear in this video, eating less meat is still beneficial […]

  • On eating plants

    I thought I’d explain in this post a bit about what my tagline “eats plants” actually means. I have been reluctant to write about this here before because I don’t want to come across as judgemental of what other people eat. We each make the best decisions we can and so here I want to […]

  • In praise of change

    I’m an impatient person. I also relish change. I’m not one of those people who fears it and who rejects everything new. Perhaps this is partly why I have no objections to implementing the changes needed to stem global warming and am perplexed why so many people fight against them. I read this great tweet […]